What is LARP/LRP

Live Action Role Playing or LARP (sometimes shortened to LRP) came about when a group of people who had been playing tabletop RPG (Role playing Games) wanted to know what it would be like to play the characters for real instead of on paper and using dice. They made costumes and weapons and wrote a set of rules (often known as a system) and LARP was born.

Are there many LARP clubs

There are LARP clubs spread out all over the UK, each has its own system and genre. Some are science fiction based, some are fantasy based. In fact there is probably a LARP system out there to suit anyone's role playing wants

How often are events run

Faded Glory runs about 3-4 weekend long events each year and many smaller one day or 1/2 day events throughout the year. The smaller events are run if there is enough demand from people willing to take part. The bigger ones run about every 3 months. Other clubs run at different intervals, some run every week, others only once or twice a year

How many people come to events

Again this is very dependent on the clubs and the systems.  The small systems run with only a group of friends coming along to join in. The bigger systems have 8000+ people turning up for the events. On average the weekend events run by Faded Glory have around 50 people attend them.

How old do I need to be to take part

This varies from club to club but for the most part clubs have a minimum age of 18.  The main reason for this is because of insurance companies will only insure adults to take part in events.  Having said this recently the insurance companies have changed their policies.  Therefore it is always best to ask the club you are looking to attend.

Is LARPing dangerous

As with any sport there is the chance of injury while at a LARP event.  However, most good LARP clubs do everything they can to ensure the safety of those who attend their events.  As long as you follow the safety rules laid out by the clubs organizers there is very little chance of you being injured at an LARP event.

Where are you based

We are based in the UK and we run events near Northampton, Bedford, Banbury and Milton Keynes

What should I bring

This depends on whether you are playing or crewing. If you are crewing we provide all the costumes and weapons you will need so you only need to bring sleeping gear, clothes and food. We reccomend dark clothing and comfortable, sturdy, waterproof footware. If you are playing in addition to the gear you need to crew, you also need to provide your own costume, weapons and other items you feel you need to play your character the way you want to.