Reasons to Try Us

1. You and your actions Matter
Your character matters to the game world, what you do matters to the game world. The decisions you make during events and the fights you pick can change the outcome of the event and the fate of the world. In Faded Glory the players have a real impact on the world the games are run in. You can change the future of the campaign and the world as a whole.

2. You become part of the world
We ask all players to write us a background to tell us where they came from and what brought them to the adventuring life. This lets our design team write plot in to adventures that specifically relate to your character. If you wrote in your background that your family is feuding with another, do not be surprised if that feud follows you in to the game world.

What you do with your story when you encounter it is completely in your hands, we leave that choice to you but you should expect twists and turns if you choose to follow where it leads, after all we do not want your story to be boring for you.

3. You are unique
We want people to let their imagination run free, and that often includes having particular ideas of what kind of character you want to play or what skills you want them to have or even certain spells that they can use.

If you do want to play something out of the ordinary our design team will help you craft your race, skills or spells so they fit in to the world of Faded Glory. We cannot always promise that you will be able to play the character you want or have the skills or spells you want as there are sometimes plot or balance reasons that prevent us from allowing it but we will do everything we can to let you play the character you want how you want.

4. Something for everyone
Whether you want to fight, translate runes, disarm traps, solve puzzles or get embroiled in politics there is something for everyone to be a part of.

Faded Glory has been running for 14 years now and the world has been growing and developing for all that time. There are always more secrets to find, dungeons to explore and stories to find in the rich and deep world of Rihona.

5. Epic Battles all can be a part of
At Faded Glory we have created the rules so players new or established can fight alongside one another and get stuck in to the fights and even long standing characters will take damage at similar rates to new ones.

Faded Glory is not a high hit system but everyone has enough hits to enjoy epic fights and the low numbers makes it easy to keep track of what damage has been taken. Healers in the party mean that even if you are taken down in a fight, you are usually back on your feet and in the thick of it again in short order.

Finally, as the player parties are kept small it means you can get in to the heart of the action and are not left standing around while others save the world.

6. We’re friendly
We are a friendly group and we always welcome new people to the game. We are not a cliquey system and players and crew alike are made to feel welcome and involved.

7. Your creature comforts are covered
For our Easter and Winter events where the weather is not always predictable we make sure that everyone has indoor accommodation where we can get warm and dry if the weather takes a turn for the worst and hot showers to wash the dirt off at the end of a long day. We also provide hot satisfying food that everyone enjoys and keeps you warm on those cold nights deep in a hostile dungeon.

During summer events we camp but we make sure that there are hot showers for everyone.

8. We do proper homemade food
Some systems offer catered meals and what they mean is simple fare like baked potatoes and beans. The menus for our events vary but have in the past included Roast pork, Bread and Butter Pudding, Cheese Pies, Homemade ginger cake, Sliced Gammon, Chocolate Brownies, Game Stew and Dumplings. On top of this if you have any special dietary requirements we can accommodate you as long as you let us know in advance.

9. It’s good for you
We all have busy lives filled with stress, we know that we should get more exercise and we tell ourselves that we ought to go to the gym but given the choice would you prefer time on the treadmill or would you rather grab a weapon, strap on some armor and fight monsters. Our adventures are easy going but last a whole weekend and there is plenty of fighting to be done and monsters to slay.

You get plenty of exercise, burn lots of stress and you are so involved you often don’t even notice how tired you are until you collapse in your bed at night.

Try something new and get some excitement, feel free to email us at if you want to know more.