Other Files

Code of Conduct 

Everyone who attends our events are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct to help make sure everyone can enjoy a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Equality and Diversity Policy 

Everyone should be able to enjoy our games without worrying about discrimination or harassment.  This page details our policy on these matters.

 Combat Safety Guidelines 

We try and make sure that our combat is a safe as can be.  Everyone should make sure they are familiar with our Combat Safety Guidelines to make sure they know what is expected and to minimise the chances of accidents or injury.

General Safety Guidelines 

While we try and make sure that our events are as safe as they can be this some rules and sensible precautions we can all take to reduce the possibility of injuries at our events.

Weapon, Shield and Armour Checking Rules 

All weapons, shields and armor to our events must be checked and approved as safe to use before they can be used in game.  This page details the guidelines for what we consider to be safe  equipment.