Equality and Diversity

We go to great lengths to make sure that people can indulge in combat at our events safely and with the minimum change of injury.  We feel that a club should go to similar lengths to make sure that people can enjoy our events without encountering discrimination or harassment of any kind.

Our Commitment

Faded Glory is committed to making the environment at our games as friendly as possible for everyone involved.  An environment where there is mutual respect between the participants and everyone can feel welcome and take part in our events safely.  We commit to all participants that our Referee Team will treat any complaints about discrimination or harassment raised with us seriously and will respond appropriately.

Acceptable Behaviour at Faded Glory events

Our events include adult themes such as verbal and physical conflict.  As such it is perfectly acceptable to insult another CHARACTER on the basis of an in-character attribute at any time during an event. It is never acceptable to insult another participant on the basis of an out-of-character attribute.

In other words, participants in Faded Glory events are not allowed to discriminate on grounds of real-world nationality, colour, disability, sexuality, gender, religion, race, age or any other similar distinction.  Excuses such as “I was only joking” or “I was drunk” are not acceptable reasons for such behaviour.

If you are unclear on whether something violates these rules or not then we urge you to choose caution rather than risk it.

Acceptable Behaviour using Faded Glory online services

Faded Glory operates a forum, Facebook group and website.  We request that anyone using these services and any others we may choose to implement in the future treat each other with courtesy, respect and abide by the rules on discrimination laid out here. Both the forums and the Facebook group are moderated and any posts that violate these rules will be removed.

If you are experiencing harassment or abuse online in relation to one of our events then please contact us. Breaches of these rules may lead to a ban from our online services or even our games regardless of whether this happens online or at an event.

Sexual Harassment

Faded Glory events are very social at times but no-one attending one of our events, male or female, should have to tolerate sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature that could be reasonably expect to make someone feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.

This may include (but is not restricted to):

  • An unwelcome sexual advance
  • A request for sexual favors
  • Implied or overt threats for sex
  • Unwelcome comments about someone’s sex life or physical appearance
  • Relentless humor and jokes about sex or gender in general
  • Displaying sexually offensive photos, pinups or calendars, reading matter or objects
  • Sexual propositions or continued requests for dates despite being told NO each time
  • Physical contacts such as touching or fondling, or unnecessarily brushing up against someone.
  • Indecent assault or rape (these are criminal offences)

Using in character reasons to justify inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable Anyone participating in our events should take care to ensure that if their behaviour involves conversation or physical contact that may be interpreted in a sexual or intimate manner that they do not do so in a way that makes the recipient feel out-of-character uncomfortable, regardless of any in character consideration.  

NOTE: While Faded Glory events may often deal with adult themes at the events they will never deal with non-consensual sex or sex with minors.  Such subjects can have a significant emotional impact on people who have real life experience of such things so all participants are expected to avoid any references to these subject either in or out of character during our events.

It is not possible for Faded Glory to be free from harassment without help from everyone who participates in the events.  Challenging inappropriate behaviour by other participants can help but we understand that not everyone is comfortable or confident enough to do so.  Because of this we want all participants to feel assured that they can bring complaints to us and that we will deal with them promptly and appropriately in a respectful fashion.  It does not matter which member of the Referee Team you bring your complaint to, choose whichever you are more comfortable talking to.

If you believe you are being harassed:

  • If comfortable and safe to do so, inform the alleged harasser the behaviour is offensive or unwelcome and they should stop.
  • If not comfortable or safe to confront the alleged harasser or if unwelcome behaviour continues, get yourself out of the situation as soon as it is safe to do so and report the incident to a member of the Referee Team.
  • Do not blame yourself
  • Do not delay reporting the incident in the hope the problem will go away.

If you think you may have offended or harassed someone:

  • Don’t assume others will tell you when they feel offended or threatened by what you do or say
  • Apologize as soon as possible
  • Examine how others respond to what you do or say
  • Most importantly, modify your behaviour accordingly.


The Referee Team will investigate all discrimination and harassment claims to the best of their ability.  However, the nature of LARP events means that there is often little other than hearsay evidence of such an event.   Because of this, as standard we operate a three strikes policy and we feel this gives a reasonable balance and time for people who have one or two warnings a chance to use them as an opportunity to modify their behaviour.  However, those who do not will be permanently excluded on the third warning.

In cases where an incident is extremely serious and/or where the facts are beyond all reasonable doubt the Referee Team may choose to issue an immediate ban, give only a single warning or involve the Police as they feel is necessary.

If someone wishes to report an incident but does not wish to make a formal complaint, for example if they believe it was a mistake on the part of the alleged harasser then the Referee Team may try and mediate between the two parties to resolve the issue but only if the complainant is happy to do so.  Otherwise the incident will be logged on the accused records and should future complaints be raised against the accused the history of former events may be used to determine the outcome of subsequent complaints.

If someone wishes to report an incident but wishes to be anonymous then the Referee Team will investigate as thoroughly as possible without compromising the anonymity of the complainant.  Again the incident will be logged on the accused records and may be used to determine the outcome of subsequent complaints.


Faded Glory prohibits any kind of retaliation against anyone who makes a complaint, who is assisting someone making a complaint or who is involved in the investigation of a complaint.  If anyone feels they are being subject to such retaliation they should report it immediately to one of the event referees.