General Safety

The Referee Team will try and monitor combats for anything that may be a potential hazard but they cannot be everywhere at once.  Because of this we ask everyone to be aware of potential hazards and if a fight begins to move into a hazardous area, they should move the fight away from such dangers so themselves and other combatants are not at risk of injury.

Characters that have fallen in a fight should feel free to move out of the combat to get out from underfoot. Once clear of the fight they should resume their position on the ground.

The nature of the sites we use means that we do not always fight on nice level ground and tree roots or guys ropes along with puddles and mud are often unavoidable.  This combined with poor lighting at night means that trips and falls are more likely.  Therefore we recommend that all players bring with them an in character light such as a lantern so it is easier for them to see when in the dark and wear sturdy waterproof footwear that combines good grip with ankle support.

NOTE: Be aware that glow sticks or similar lights do not provide much ambient light and therefore are of little use to see by when navigating through the woods or campsites in the dark.  We recommend you have a reasonable lantern that produces plenty of ambient light.  Torches and similar are generally not permitted during time in as they can easily blind people during combats if not used correctly which can increase the risk of accidents in combat.  It has been commented that the use of lights at night mean that people night vision is impaired and that could increase the risk of accidents however we feel that because everyone has a different level of night vision, if everyone carries lanterns there is no need to rely on peoples night vision; this means everyone can see more clearly and therefore be safer.

'Safety' Call

If you see someone about to do something that could cause injury to themselves or another person then you can use the 'Safety' call to stop the event and address the issue. For example if a person is about to fall in a ditch or if someone has had their glasses knocked off in the middle of a fight. On the call of safety everyone should stop what they are doing and remain where they are. A member of the Referee Team will ensure the reason for the call is addressed and will call TIME IN to resume the event when the issue is resolved.

'Man Down' Call

This call is to be used when anyone suffers a real, out of character, injury of any type. Cross your arms over your head to make yourself visible while shouting. If you hear this call stop whatever you are doing and move away from the injured person so event staff can find them.  Do not relay this call if you hear it so event staff can find the person who originally made the call. Once the injury has been dealt with then a member of the Referee Team will call TIME IN so the event can resume.

System Safe Word

Faded Glory operates a safe word system meaning that if anyone finds themselves in a situation that they find they are uncomfortable with they can use the safe word and everyone will know to stop what they are doing as per a TIME FREEZE call and a member of the event Referee Team will ensure that the person who used the safe word is okay and will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the reasons for the participants discomfort are alleviated before the event continues.

It is not acceptable to ignore the safe word for any reason and anyone found doing so may be removed from the event and could face a ban from returning to the system.  

The system safe word is: PANDORA