Weapons Checking

Before they can be used at a Faded Glory event, all weapons, bows, arrows, shields and armor must be checked by a member of the Referee Team. Everything must be checked at each event it is brought to and will be checked to make sure the design, construction and condition is safe for use at our events.  Any item deemed unsafe should be secured in your vehicle or left with the Referee Team until the end of the event and under no circumstances be used.  Anyone deliberately using equipment deemed unsafe will be given an official warning. Repeat offenders may be barred from future events.

The following guidelines will be used for the checking of weapons:


Any weapon will fail weapons check if it has any of the following:

  • Sharp or rough edges
  • If it is either too flexible or too rigid.
  • If any part of it is made of an inappropriate material
  • If the density of the foam used to make the weapon is either too low to provide adequate padding or too high.
  • If the foam on any part of the weapon has become compressed.
  • If the foam is split or coming away from the core.
  • If the core of the weapon is poking through the foam at any point.
  • Melee weapons will fail if any part of the weapon is unpadded except for the hilt or main grip or if the weapon is too heavy for accurate control.
  • A pole arm will fail if any of its handgrips are unpadded.
  • Claws will fail if constructed with a core or if they are designed to strap over a clenched fist.
  • Thrown weapons will fail if they have a core or any weighting.

Any weapon considered incompatible with the standards or aesthetics of the event (for example firearms, inflatable or plastic knives) will not pass weapons as they are not official L.R.P. weapons.


For preference shields should be of a full foam construction but a shield with a rigid backing is permitted as long as it does not breach any of the rules below.  

  • Shields with a rigid backing must have at least 6mm of foam covering the rigid surface.
  • Shields with a rigid backing must have foam padding all around the edging.
  • Shields must have no protruding bolts on the front or edged of the shield.  If any bolts or nuts are used in the construction on the rear of the shield they must be recessed in foam deeply enough to ensure they cannot harm anyone.
  • Handles must be securely fastened so the shield does not flap around.


Armor will fail:

  • If any part of the armor is constructed of inappropriate material.
  • If it has open, twisted or broken links.
  • If it has any sharp edges, burrs or any hard or sharp protrusions.
  • If there are any metal tower studs on it

Bows and Arrows, Crossbows and bolts.

Bows must have a draw weight of less than 30 pounds when drawn. Crossbows must have a draw weight of less than 19 pounds.

Projectile weapons will fail:

  • If the string is frayed, too thin or too loose in the nock.
  • If the bow or crossbow is cracked or damaged.
  • If the catch of the crossbow is worn so it may go off accidentally.
  • If the bow or crossbow has any sharp protrusions or decorations.
  • If the crossbows bolt retaining mechanism is worn or damaged and could cause damage to the bolt or string.

Projectiles (arrows or bolts) will fail

  • If the metal head has not been removed from the shaft
  • If the are of padding at the point of impact is smaller than the eye socket (50 mm)
  • If there is insufficient soft foam padding at the point of impact.
  • If the head is not securely bonded to the shaft.
  • If the shaft is cracked, damaged or constructed of an inappropriate material, aluminium and bamboo shafts are not permitted.
  • If the head had latex within 6mm or gaffer tape within 25mm of the impact face.
  • If the flights and nock are missing, damaged, misaligned or poorly attached

Projectiles must have padding at the top of the shaft to prevent the shaft penetrating the foam head. A circle of leather or a 2 pence piece is suitable for this.