The following are real comments left by people who have been to our events.

Winter 2014

"Greetings to everyone in this group who I met over the very intense but highly enjoyable weekend at Bedfordshire Scouts Camp event in the last two days. I'm about to soak every single part of my battle-ridden torso to hopefully encourage every bruise and 'pagger-wound' that you lot dealt. Not one though was a concern as every single one of you was aware of your blows and was great to us monster team - thanks for making this first-time monster at Faded Glory so welcome! Special thanks to those who fed and watered me"

"Thank you time again. Thank you cookie for pandering to my stupid catering needs the grub was lovely. Thank you to the monsters and ref team for all their hard work that made the weekend work. Thanks to the players for their many and varied entertainments and thanks to Mike for his offer of first aid. The bruise is truly impressive.  Hope everyone is recovering well and is looking forward to Easter as much as we are. See you all there."

"hey all just a quick thanks for another awesome FG, only made better by the fantastic crew,players and most importantly food!
I can now say that i have beaked a Tengu ! fantastic!"

"A special thanks to everybody for an awesome event. I had a great and exsausting time (even when i got turned to mush by a jugger  ). I hope everyone had as much fun as i did and hope to see ya's at Easter"

Easter 2014
"Now that I'm awake and feeling human again; I would like to thank everyone for such a great weekend. I'll be back for the summer, ensuring that justice is upheld."

"Thanks refs, writers, Cookie, monsters and players for a wonderful event. Glad to be home and have a nice bath to soak away the aches."

"Thankyou all for such a fantastic first FG! This event blew my expectations out of the water on every front, but first and foremost it was you Players & Crew who made this one of the most fun & enjoyable weekends I can remember! I came in only vaguely knowing Pete and a few others from Mayfest/FOI, aprehensive as feck because the mate I was meant to be doing this with had dropped out due to last minute illness, and within _minutes_ I was being made to feel welcome, included and the very antithesis of a n00b outsider. My deepest thanks to every one of you; never before have I been made to feel like "one of the family" so quickly. Cheers! See you in summer!!"

"Thanks all for a great event, had so much fun, looking forward to summer"

"As already expressed by others thank you one and all for an enjoyable event. Will be back for the Winter event."

Winter 2013
Brilliant event, hats off to all the healers for keeping us up and the crew for constantly putting us down,Totally enjoyed myself Dog is dead long live William and thank you all for a great weekend