What is LARP?
Live Action Role Playing or LARP also known as LRP or Larping came about when a group of people who had been playing tabletop RPG (Role playing Game) wanted to know what it would be like to play the characters for real instead of on paper and using dice. They made costumes and weapons and wrote a set of rules (often known as a system) and LARP was born. LARP Generally involves a mixture of combat and immersive improvised acting or “role playing” it allows you to escape from your everyday world of work, TV’s and mobile phones and live in another world where you can do things you would never contemplate doing in real life.

The combat is carried out using “safe” weapons which are constructed using rubber and foam so you can strike one another in relative safety.

LARP events, usually known as ‘adventures’ take place as part of a larger campaign and are set in a well developed world story. Events often have long running plot arcs rich in story, history, famous people and infamous enemies. Most events usually involve the following:

Combat – There are many foes to overcome in an event

Role Playing – Not all encounters can be overcome by force, some need guile and trickery, other times you may just need to get information from the locals.

Puzzle-Solving – Scrolls filled with ancient languages or riddles sealing a door in a magical tower, can you unlock the answers the party need??

FUN – Most importantly of all, we want everyone who comes to our events to have fun. Sometimes an event can be light hearted, other times deadly serious but at all times you should be enjoying yourself.