If you have not been to one of our events before, here is a general idea of how a typical event might go:

First Day

You arrive on site a few hours before the event is due to start. Usually attendees can get on site from 2pm but you should check event specific information as this can change. Event staff will be able to direct you as to what the sleeping arrangements are for the event. If it is a camping event they will show you where to camp, if it is an indoor event they will tell you where you will be sleeping. You can then get your camp or sleeping area set up as you wish and get unpacked.


Once you are set up players will need to check in to the event. Check-in consists of three parts:

1) Paying the balance of the event price
2) Safety checking your weapons and equipment
3) Going through your character with you, spending any XP or In Character cash you have and making sure you understand your skills and the rules if you are unsure.

Once you are checked in, you are free to socialize or get yourself ready for the event until around 15 minutes before the event start time, when they are expected to be in costume and ready to begin.

At this point a referee will gather the players together and do the event brief. The brief will give details of any site specific rules that the players need to be aware of, any new or seldom used rules that the players may need to know about during the event and gives the party a basic brief of why they have been assembled and what they are to be doing on the adventure.

We aim to start events around 9pm, once everything is ready a referee will take the players to their starting positions and TIME IN will be called to signify the start of the adventure.

The adventure will run until around 1am* After which we enter a TIME-ISH state. This means that characters are free to continue to role play together but there will be no combat. Also anyone wishing to drop out of character and just socialize may do so.


Once you are unpacked, Crew may be asked to help set up the event which can involve things like setting up the Monster base, dressing locations that will be used over the weekend or preparing props and equipment that will be needed.

With setup complete Crew members are free to socialize until around 30 mins before time in when they are expected to be in the monster base and ready to begin. A referee will take them through the event brief, which is much the same as the player brief but will also include an overview of the weekends plot, and then the Monster Boss will go over how they will be running the Monster Base during the event.

We aim to have the crew out and in place five minutes before we call TIME IN for the players and start the event.

When TIME-ISH is called for the evening, crew can socialize with each other or with the players but must ensure they do not disturb players who are still interacting In Character.


We aim to start the events each morning between 9 and 9:30. The events run until around 1pm when we call TIME-ISH for an hour so people can get lunch. There is a further break in the evening around 6:30 where we again call TIME-ISH for an hour to allow people to get dinner. After dinner the event will run until around 1am* where TIME-ISH will be called for the night.

At some events we do have in character meals but we do let everyone know in advance so they can be prepared.

Final Day

On the last day of an event we will again aim to start between 9 and 9:30 and the game will run to around lunchtime where the event will usually climax with a confrontation with the events main antagonist and we aim to finish the event around 1pm. The event ends when a referee calls TIME OUT.

After time out everyone heads back to their camp/sleeping area and changes back in to normal clothes, wipes off the bulk of their makeup and puts their kit away until the next event. Players need to battleboard off the adventure which consists of filling out the battleboard sheet detailing the treasure or magical items they have found over the course of the weekend and handing in any props and equipment they have acquired during the event and getting the sheet signed by a referee.  Players are responsible for making sure their camp/sleeping area is left in at least a good a state as they found it before they leave the site.

Where they are able, crew will help pack up the event which includes undressing locations setup earlier in the event, packing the monster base back in to its boxes and cleaning any rooms and buildings we have used over the weekend.

With the event over, people say their goodbyes and return to the real world…until the next time.

*We finish around midnight over the 4 day Easter weekend, past experience has shown us that the extra hour helps keep attendees fresh over four long days of physical activity which helps reduce accidents and stops people getting grumpy and bad tempered from sleep exhaustion.