Welcome to the world of Rihona, much has changed in the years since that brave soul ventured beyond the great wall and took the fight to the Undead for the first time in two centuries.  We are no longer a group of frightened people hiding behind the protection of an ancient magical artifact.

Now the Lifestone that once protected us is gone and with it the power that kept the Undead at bay, now the T’cra a terrible race from the far edges of creation have sacked one of our cities and turned it in to a stronghold in our midst. There are rumors of a new foe that is destroying vast swathes of land leaving it desolate and devoid of all life.  Recently there is talk of a powerful and evil sorceress awakened from eons of slumber and bent on conquering the world for her own, something that seems increasingly likely given the chaos that ravages the Protected Zone and its people.

All is not lost however, thanks to a group of brave and often foolhardy individuals the Order of Sortilege’s has the favor of the Elementals and is training anyone who wishes to learn the magical arts.  We have made contact with the ancient city of the Trolls, while they had suffered greatly they are now free and stand at our side.  We have discovered the ancient place of safety known as Sanctuary and freed its imprisoned guardians so they too may aid us in the fight to reclaim this world. In addition to this, the Angels and the Demons, races that had all but vanished from the world have been restored and joined the struggle.

There is still work to do, two of the artifacts that keep the undead raising have been located and destroyed but six still remain, these too must be found if there is to be any hope of stopping the undead once and for all.  The T’cra must be expelled from our home and any other corner of the world in which they are hiding, they must be driven back and in such a way so they remember we are not to be tangled with.  There is talk of the descendants of the old king having survived all this time, if they can be found perhaps they can bring stability to the Protected Zone once and for all.

If you have not given up hope and wish to fight what this world has thrown at us then join us and show our enemies that we will not go quietly and there is still fight in us yet.