Game Rules

Main Rulebook

The main rulebook contains everything someone needs to know to create a character and get started in the world of Faded Glory.



Skill Lists

These sheets contain almost all of the skills available to the different character classes.  Most of the skills have pre-requisites or require a character to find a trainer to teach them these skills before they can be learned but everyone likes to know what is out there so they can plan which direction to take their character.

Fighter Skills     Mage Skills      Psion Skills      Rogue Skills      Soul Caster Skills

General Skills     Racial Skills

Spell Lists

The spell lists detail most of the spells available to character in system.  Not all elemental spells are listed as there are a few that can only be gained by earning favor with one elemental house or another.

Light Soul Spells          Dark Souls Spells

Fire Spells          Water Spells          Earth Spells          Air Spells

Psion Spells


Apothecary Lists

The Apothecary lists detail all of the different types of Healing Potion, Poison, Alchemy Oil or Hedgebrew Elixir available in system at this time.

Herbal         Alchemy          Hedgebrew          Poison


Craftsman Lists and Prices

The Craftsman List details how much things cost to make, repair and sell for in the world of Faded Glory.  The Prices sheet gives a list of prices for common things that characters may want to purchase.

Craftsman List & Prices


Guilds and Organisations

The following are some of the Guilds and Organisations that players can interact with in the world of Faded Glory.  

Healers Guild       Knights of Angaia       Mercenaries Guild       Merchants Guild

Thieves Guild       Guild of Morticians       Enchantment Brokers Guild

Warriors of Light


Can't Find what you Want?

We are constantly adding to the rules and people request new things or we find ways to better the system.  If you cannot find a skill, spell or potion then please drop us a line at and we will be happy to discuss it with you.  We can't promise to allow all requests but we will work with you to get what you want in a way that is fair and balanced with the rest of the system.


Coming Soon...

We have more files that are currently in need of an updated and will be posted as soon as that work is done.  These include the rules for races not listed in the rulebook and the damage calls table.  We will have these done and put up as soon as we can.