We are always keen to hear from people whether they be people new to our events or those who have been coming for many years.

If you would like to get in touch with us you can do so through various means:

For general enquires, rules, events, characters etc. please E-Mail: Design.Team@fadedglorylrp.co.uk

For Issues with the website or our online presence please E-mail: Web.Team@fadedglorylrp.co.uk

You can contact us through our Facebook page: Our Facebook Page

Game Related Pages

If you would like to provide us with Downtime information for a recently played character, you can do so here: Downtime Submissions

If you would like to provide us with feedback on one of our recent events you can do so here: Event Feedback

If you have never been to a Faded Glory event before but are soon to attend or if your emergency contact details have changed you can send them to us here: Emergency Contact Details

Please keep in mind that Faded Glory is run as a hobby and not as our full time jobs. The Design Team will read their E-mails as often as they can, but all of them have full time jobs that sometimes prevents them from indulging in their favorite pastime. We will respond to you, please be patient if it takes a little while sometimes.