About Us

Faded Glory LRP was set up in 2000 by our current Head Ref Peter.  He set it up partly because at the time there was a lack of LARP clubs in the local area and partly because he has become frustrated with some of the limitations of the other clubs he had been attending and wanted to see if he could do something different.

Faded Glory was set up as a not for profit system, all the hard work and effort the Design Team as a whole put into the events comes from the love of hobby and not from any financial or materialistic source.  The events are run to cover the costs of putting on the event and what little, if anything, there is left over goes to repair and maintain the clubs equipment.  New props and equipment is usually financed by the Design Team or through donations from the club members.

Faded Glory run events for a playing party of no bigger than 26 as keeping the party small allows the Design Team to pay attention to individual players and their story as well as the overarching world plot which helps to make everyone feel involved in the game and the world around them.

The Faded Glory world has an underlying rule-set meaning that whatever happens in an event happens for a reason rather than because the Design Team thought it would be cool.  This means that if players want to plumb the depths of why something works the way it does there is plenty for them and discover about the nature of the world the game exists in.

Over the years the system has been running we have always strived to improve our methods to make the rules better, easier to use and simpler for the players and crew to make use of.  As part of that we have always welcomed feedback from those who come to our events on ways we can improve and what we can do better.  It is a process that we feel will never end as the hobby is constantly evolving and we are learning new things all the time but it also means we feel that the system is the best it can be, right now!

Come and see for yourself and get involved in the rich world of Rihona.  Hopefully you will love it but if you don't tell us why and we will do our best to make it better so you will want to keep coming back.