LARP Related Links

Here are links to a few useful resources for LARPers.  If you would like us to add a link for your group, company or webpage please get in touch with us at

LARP Suppliers

Gems Trading - Armour, Weapons and Accessories
Darkblade - Leather Armour and Accessories
Artyfakes - Custom Foam and Latex Weaponary
Traveller In Black - Made to measure Leather and Chain Costume
Mark Cordory Creations - Designer and Maker for Film, TV, Theatre, Exhibition and LRP

LARP Clubs

Bladelands Chronicles - A High Fantasy, Old School LARP
Curious Pastimes - Large Fest Style System
Herofest - A High Hit, Low Fantasy System
Lorien Trust - A large fest system in the Midlands
Fields of Illusion - A medium sized, family friendly LARP in Devon.

Useful LARP Links

LARP Pages - A useful portal for all things LARP
LARP Events - A useful site to find what LARP events are on.
LARP Finder - A useful site for finding out about LARP events and services.
Crimson Moon - A company that offers In Character bars for events.
LRP Alliance - A company that offers Insurance for LARP Clubs.
LARPBook - A great website with news, inspiration and ideas for LARP.