One Day Games

We can run one day games if people want us to, these are for no more than 5 players.

Day games are an opportunity for players to leave behind the world shaping plot of the main events and delve in to the depths of what is more personal to them.  Perhaps they would like to go an find a long lost family member, see a lost artifact to redeem their family name or just raid a dungeon for loot.  Whatever people want to do we will try and accomodate them.

Day games are usually run on public land rather than at a specific event site, the actual location will depend on what is available for the date the game is booked.

Day Games are usually run on weekends, between 9am and 5pm with an hour or so break for lunch however, as most of us know, if people get embrioled in their roleplay it is not uncommon for games to overrun.

Anyone wishing to book a day game must do so well in advance as we need time to make sure the Design Team are not working and have time to write a plot for them.  We also need to arrange people to monster/crew the event.  Beacuse of this and because the Design Team have full time jobs we can only accomodate so many Day Games and requests will be taken on a first come first served basis.

Whoever requests a Day Game is responsible for arranging who will be playing it with them.  They may ask the Design Team to throw it open to anyone or they may choose for it to be specific people.  Either way if you arrange a game, you get to choose who comes along.

There may be a small fee for players of Day Games but that will be arranged when the game is booked.

Obviously, Day Games are subject to weather and if the weather is bad on the day of your game it may have to be made into a table top game instead so it can be done indoors where people can stay warm and dry.

Tabletop Games

Tabletop games have the same purpose and work in a very simialr way to the day games except that we do not need to arrange a crew and they are not so easily affected by weather.  Because of this we mostly do tabletop games during the winter.

For tabletop games we can come to you or you can come to us, whatever works best for you. 

Again there is a limit on the number of players, any more than 6 players becomes difficult for the member of the Design Team running the game to manage but as with day games, if you book the event you can choose who will be playing it with you.

You still need to book tabletop game well in advance as they usually take an entire day to run and the Design Team need to find a day they are not working that is suitable for you.  Again there are only so many Tabletop games we can accomodate so they are done on a first come first served basis.

There may be a small fee for people playing tabletop games but that will be arranged when the game is booked.