Combat Safety

Before anyone can take part in combat at a Faded Glory event, they must demonstrate they understand the practices common to most British LARP events to ensure safety of combatants (listed below).  If you are new to Faded Glory you will be asked to spar with a member of the Referee Team or another appointed attendee to show you are familiar with them.  If you are new to LARP then a member of the Referee Team or another appointed attendee will take you through the practices to ensure you know what is expected of you.

Combat Rules

These rules reduce the dangers of combat at a live role-play events but they do not constitute a guarantee of safety.  Faded Glory has an excellent safety record but by choosing to come to one of our events you are agreeing to accept the risks of taking part in a full contact sport.

  • When using a melee weapon, you must pull your blow so it lands with just enough force that your target knows they have been hit but not so much force it hurts.
  • You must never stab with a weapon
  • You must avoid striking the groin, face, breasts or head wherever possible
  • You must not strike another character with the pommel or hilt of your weapon
  • You must not grab or trap an opponent's weapon during combat
  • You must not attempt to parry an arrow or bolt with a weapon
  • You must make sure your weapons and shields are checked by event staff and approved as safe before use.
  • If you are using a bow you must be aware of bow safety guidelines.
  • You should only wield weapons in the correct manner for their type, two handed weapons must be used with two hands etc.
  • You must avoid combat if you are drunk
  • Shields are not to be used for punching or barging other combatants
  • Weapons should never be used to hook shields or other weapons
  • You must not grapple or trip another player during combat.
  • You should never block or parry a blow with a bow or crossbow even if they are foam padded.
  • You should never fire a bow or crossbow at a target less than 10ft from you. Instead use the Point Blank call detailed in the main rulebook.


Grappling and tripping other players during combat should always be avoided wherever possible.  However, if you have the prior permission of your opponent then you both may decide that you are happy to allow grappling in a combat between the two of you.  This should only be done in small carefully planned fights such a duel or a display. Permission must be arranged personally between the combatants and not via any 3rd party.



At Faded Glory we try and include everyone in our events, so sometimes we have people who cannot take part in combat for health reasons or injury. To indicate this, if you find yourself in a combat area Non-Com players can cross their arms across their chest in a X shape to indicate they should not be struck.

This will not guarantee that you are not struck as combats can be a chaotic at the best of time and mistakes can happen but in most circumstances does ensure that people know and can act according.  

It is important to note that Non-Com players are still there and in game just just cannot be struck.  This means if a player or member of crew role-plays striking the Non-Com character but does not actually connect with the blows the Non-Com character should still take the damage or effect.