Code of Conduct

We try and make our events safe, relaxed and as fun as we can for everyone. In order to help with this we have Event Rules that we expect everyone to abide by. If you have any questions or concerns about the Rules or you should contact the Design Team using the details on the Contact Us Page.

By booking on to an event or by taking part event attendees agree to abide by these rules and by any event specific rules given by event referees. Their decision is considered final in all such matters. While we hope it will never be necessary. Faded Glory reserves the right to refuse entry to an event or to expel any individuals from an event if they have broken the event rules listed below or are seen to be a disruptive influence at an event. Event fees will not be refunded if you are expelled from an event.

Event Rules
All attendees must listen carefully to instructions from the event referees.

By attending a Faded Glory event you agree to take part in a full contact sport.

Anyone who is deemed to be cheating by an event Referee will be given an official warning. Repeat offenders may be barred from future events.

Any breach of the law at an event will not be tolerated; the culprit will be asked to leave and may be barred from future events.

Only LARP safe weapons may be brought to our events. In Character costume and props must not include camping or pocket knives. No pyrotechnics or animals may be brought to our events.

Our events are adult themed and operate within an adult social environment. The consumption of alcohol, occasional swearing and sexual innuendo should be expected. It should be noted that we have a strict no nudity policy at our events.

Harassment and Discrimination will not be tolerated at our events.  By attending our events you agree to abide by our Equality and Diversity Policy.

By attending our events you agree you have read and will follow our General Safety Guidelines and Combat Safety Guidelines.

Weapons and armor must be safety checked at any event they are brought to according to our Weapon, Shield and Armour Checking Guidelines. before they can be used at our events. 

We cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to your person or property while at one of our events.

The event team frequently take photos and shoot film at events.  Such photos or footage will be shared online on club run web and social media sites.  The Design Team may also use photos taken at events to advertise the club through the use of flyers or as part of a stand.

Under 18’s
No person under the age of 18 will be allowed to attend an event unless they are accompanied by their parent or guardian and they will remain the responsibility of that parent or guardian while at the event. Anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed to participate in any form of LARP combat unless the referee team feel that can join in at the same level as the adult participants without any safety concerns.

Reporting Incidents
Overall we are proud of the fact that we have had very few incidents that have broken our rules over the years we have been running games.

However, one thing we would like to stress is that if something does happen at an event, the longer you leave it to report the incident to us the harder it is for us to do something about it. The Referee Team are there to help and they want you to feel comfortable about coming to them if you need to talk about something.