FG52 - Summer 2019

Calling All FGers,

Booking is now open for the Faded Glory Summer Event!

General Information
When: 16-16th August 2019
Where: Leslie Sell Scout Camp
Accommodation Type: Camping
Catering: None

Arrival Time: Players and Crew can arrive on site from 14:00 on the first day

Player Details:
The event price is £70 on the day or £60 pre-booked. Pre-Book tickets are available up to a fortnight before the event and require a £10 deposit to be paid by that time and a booking form to be filled out.

Deposits can be paid via Paypal using the Pay Now button on this site or by sending money directly to payments@fadedglorylrp.co.uk. If you do not have access to Paypal please contact our Design Team at Design.Team@fadedglorylrp.co.uk to discuss other options for payment. Deposits are refundable/transferable up to four weeks before the event.

The balance of the event price will need to be paid in cash at the event.

As usual Players will have to bring their own costume, weapons, props and camping equipment. Our Summer event is not catered so you will need to bring your own food as well.

Crew Details:
There is no charge for crew to take part in the event as there is no catering at our Summer events. We will provide costume, weapons and props for the event, crew just need to bring basic clothing, camping equipment, bedding and food/drink. Anyone who crews for the summer event will receive 10 Fealty Points. See the "Perks of Monstering" page on the website or in the main rulebook for details of Fealty Points and what you can do with them.

Event Brief: